Board Visioning

Fund raising and communicating with your publics are most successful when informed by a clear vision for your organization. Have you made a strategic plan? Are your annual goals in line with the mission and long-term vision?

Having a strong vision of what your organization looks like in the near-term and long-term helps you:

  • put limited resources toward priorities,
  • identify prospective donors who share your interests,
  • craft messages that resonate with all constituents,
  • gracefully decline gifts that might take your organization off-track, and
  • celebrate near-term successes toward long-term goals.

Any road will do when you don’t know where you are headed.

Inspire your board, staff and volunteers to rally around a common vision that can provide the framework for all of your fund raising and communications.

The campaigns we have worked for have benefited from well-defined goals and giving opportunities. Take a look at some of the case statements for those campaigns under the “Our Work” tab, and let us know if you think we might be able to assist you in developing your own mission, vision or case statement.

Let’s discuss your organization’s mission and vision and how you can achieve your goals. Contact us at (512) 461-5947 or

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