Recognizing Veterans in Your Midst Can Bring Attention to Your Nonprofit

By Katherine Kerr, APR

Are any of your volunteers or staff military veterans? If so, you can highlight their continued service on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, and raise awareness for your nonprofit.

Your organization can single out a veteran who is also a volunteer or staff member to recognize on Veterans Day. Or, you can showcase several involved with your organization.

Think strategically about the needs of your organization when deciding who you want to use as an example of continued service. Do you have a veteran of color who might open doors in the minority community and who you might introduce to the minority press in your community? If you have female veteran working with your nonprofit, her story can break down gender stereotypes in addition to garnering attention for your agency.

By talking about continued service to their community and country, you give the media a new angle on traditional Veterans Day stories, which they always appreciate.

You also can help contradict unfortunate stereotypes that combat veterans are debilitated by psychological trauma. Most adjust and are raising families, working and volunteering in their communities.

In addition to pitching this angle to your local media, be sure and give a shout out to veterans in your community on Veterans Day. We owe them much.

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