Handwritten Thank-You Notes Make Impressions on Donors

Did you write your thank-you note?
Did you write your thank-you note?

By Tim Kubatzky, CFRE

Your auntie was right! Handwritten thank-yous still make an impression.

I know one organization that brings the names of recent donors to board meetings along with a stack of notecards. A personal note from a board member is a great way to thank your donors!

If you need a refresher, or heaven forbid you were not taught cursive writing in school, check out this resource courtesy of Dr. Joe Vitolo.

For anyone interested in learning or improving their cursive script handwriting I would highly recommend Michael Sull’s book entitled ‘American Cursive Handwriting‘. I personally use this book to improve my own cursive penmanship.

The book comes in both a Student edition as well as a Reference edition. I own the Reference edition. Full disclosure: I make no money or profit from the sale of this book.



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